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Want To Grow A Beard Your Boss Will Accept? Here Are A Few Tips

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Whether to have a beard or not is a personal preference. While some may say that having facial hair is on its way out, others are still striving for that "perfect beard." The thing that most men will agree on is that if you are going to have a beard, don't just quit shaving and have the "lazy" look, you want a beard that shows you take care of yourself. If your facial hair is neat and gives you an air of authority instead of looking like you spent the past week bar hopping, your boss may be less likely to demand you shave. To get the right look, here are a few tips.

Starting the Growth

It is a good idea to wait until you have some time off to stop shaving. When you first stop, and for a few days afterward, you are going to look scruffy and unkempt. If you have a week, or, at least, an extra-long weekend to get things started you will be able to see how your facial hair grows. This way, you can determine the best style for your natural growth. You may have bald spots or areas where the hair comes in less dense than others. This will determine which styles you can choose from and not look silly or scraggly.  

Keep a Nice Neck and Cheek Line

You do not want to leave hairs on your neck, you need to note where your neck ends and where the underside of your face starts. Many men shave too much off the underside of their chin, giving the appearance of a chin strap. While this is fine if that is the style you are going for, or if you cannot grow hair there sufficiently, a full beard covers the horizontal area, stopping at the vertical area. While you do not need to have a severe cheek line, you do not want hair stragglers. Remove any that are causing an uneven line up to your sideburns. The line should appear to be natural, but neat. 

Keep the Hair Trimmed

You decide how long you want the beard and then keep it trimmed to that. Hair grows unevenly, new ones are popping out all the time. Stragglers give a patchy, slovenly look that will make people think you do not care about your appearance.

How you look to your boss and clients is important. You want to leave them with the right impression. If it appears you do not groom your hair, be it facial or otherwise, your boss will think you are going to have the same attitude towards your job. Clients will feel you are not going to take care of them properly either. Grow a beard if you want to, just be sure to take care of it. For further assistance, contact a local outlet, such as Vitabeard.