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Have A Beard? 3 Tips To Keep It In Good Condition

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If you have a beard, you need to learn how to keep it in good condition. This is especially true if you have a newly grown beard for the first time. Keep reading for three tips on how you can do this so you will look well groomed. 

Keep It Groomed

One important thing you must do is keep the beard groomed regularly. An overgrown beard looks messy and unkempt. There are beard grooming kits that you can purchase to do this on your own. This will not only save you a lot of time but will save you money. The kit you purchase will come with everything you need in most cases. This includes things like shampoo, beard balm and oils, a beard comb or brush, scissors, and a storage box to store everything neatly. Some will come with beard vitamins to keep the beard healthy. 

The beard grooming kit that you purchase will come with complete instructions on how to use it. This includes learning how to cut the beard evenly on each side, as well as cut the length of your beard. Grooming your beard not only makes it look nice but can keep your hair follicles healthy so your beard will grow well for you. You can find these kits in many stores or online. 

Maintaining Your Beard

Besides using the beard grooming kit, there are many things you must do on a regular basis. One of them is shampooing your beard using the right type of shampoo for your skin type. You should exfoliate your beard, which can be done with a beard scrubber. 

If you are currently growing your beard and it has not come in fully yet, use a moisturizer that is made for beards with an SPF to provide sun protection. You also need to regularly use conditioner, beard oil, and moisturizer. Make sure you purchase the right products for the type of skin and hair you have. Your ethnicity will also play a roll. For example, black men may require different products than Caucasian men. 

Treat Dandruff

You may have dandruff in your beard that can make it look bad but also make your beard very itchy. You do not want to walk around itching your beard and having dandruff fall on your shirt.  Beard dandruff is often caused by dermatitis, not how you care for your beard. As your beard is growing, it traps fungus and bacteria on your skin causing dandruff to appear and other skin problems, such as redness and irritation. 

If you have this problem, there are special shampoos that you can use to treat dandruff. See a dermatologist if you are having problems choosing the right products. They can also give you prescription strength shampoos to deal with dandruff. 

Following these tips should help your beard look healthy and grow well for you. A business like Sons of Hollis has more information.