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How Handheld Skin Tightening Machines Improve the Look and Feel of Aging Skin

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As people age, the skin is often the first place changes occur. Not only does the skin look older, but it may also not feel as soft and tends to be loose and saggy as well. There are a variety of different products available that are marketed as anti-aging products. Some of these may improve the appearance and texture of the skin, and some may not. One type of product that has improved the look and feel of skin for many people is anti-aging skin tightening devices. Read below to learn about ways these devices help make skin look younger and feel smoother and firmer.

Restoring Skin Elasticity 

One reason that older skin does not appear to be as smooth and firm is that over time it can lose the natural elasticity that it had when younger. This can occur due to many reasons, such as the environment a person lives in, their general overall health, and even genetics. For instance, someone who spends a lot of time out in the hot sun or someone whose parents started aging at a younger age than most people may also have skin that ages prematurely.  However, skin tightening machines use infrared light, pulsing light, or radio frequency energy to help the skin to produce more of the protein elastin, which then reduces sagginess and gives it a younger, firmer look and feel. 

Producing More Collagen

Another protein that the skin naturally produces is collagen. Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the body because it produces new skin cells which are necessary for wound healing and making the skin appear younger and healthier. The heat that is produced by a skin tightening machine that uses radio frequency energy makes collagen fibers contract which then makes the skin produce more collagen naturally. This makes wrinkles and tiny lines disappear and makes the skin smoother and softer.

When deciding if trying an anti-aging skin tightening device is best for you, it is important to know there are different styles of these machines to choose from. Some use an anti-wrinkle cream or oil that is massaged into the skin during use which also helps moisturize the skin. Some of these machines are used without any additional products necessary. You may wish to speak to your dermatologist to find out if it would be best to have treatment with one of these devices at their office or if the at-home version of the skin tightening machine is an option for you.