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3 Ways To Boost Your Business As A Makeup Artist

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As a makeup artist, you can spend countless hours finding your next gig. When you want to expand your artistry and find more ways to land clients and more reliable sources of income, you need to incorporate more services.

Add Consulting Work

Instead of only using your talents to apply makeup for special occasions or photo shoots, incorporate in-person and virtual consulting into your services. There are many people who feel intimidated by makeup and simply want some guidance or coaching on colors and application. As part of your in-person package, you may want to offer clients the opportunity to meet at a pre-selected store to help them pick out foundation that should match their skin tone and various other makeup products that should complement them.

Virtual consultations can be difficult to perform, since it is nearly impossible to help clients find foundation and concealer colors without seeing them in person. However, using a video chat platform can help you answer some of their questions and steer them in the right direction for their next visit to the store. You can also ask your client to be color-matched at a local makeup counter before their consultation to give you a general idea of their skin tone and undertone.

Incorporate Skin Care

The base for any great makeup look is good skin care. Consider offering advice to your clients about how they can improve their skin care. You might even consider investing in your own skin care products by creating special formulations or branding private label skin care products you enjoy. Promote products you use to improve the look and texture of your own skin, so you can give your clients recommendations based on experience.

If you do not have a specific skin concern, but would like to find an effective product, find friends and family who are willing to try out the products and report their results. Although it can be time-consuming to find the right combination of products you trust enough to promote to your clients, your clients will appreciate the opportunity to have comprehensive services that address their skin beyond makeup.

Find Partners

Find business partners who offer different services than your own and create package deals you can offer to clients. For example, if you can find a stylist who is willing to partner with you, consider offering a makeover package. Not only is the business partnership mutually beneficial, but you can expand your clientele and likely increase the number of recommendations you receive for future work. Other people you may want to consider partnering with include photographers and wedding planners.

Every successful makeup artist needs multiple income streams and avenues for finding their next client. Improving your business and reputation as a makeup artist can be just as easy as expanding your services and offering clients a comprehensive experience.