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4 Tips For Using Chamois Cream Effectively

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Cycling is great exercise, but it can also leave your rear end a little sore if you're not careful. Chamois cream, a moisturizing product that's meant to be applied to your sensitive private region, can help prevent this soreness. Not only does it reduce friction as you're riding, but it also has antibacterial ingredients to help prevent infections. It's important, however, that you use chamois cream properly in order to receive the maximum benefits.

Use a generous amount.

Chamois cream is not meant to be "rubbed in" to your skin like lotion. You need to apply enough that a decent layer remains on the surface of your skin -- its this layer that will help reduce friction. A tablespoon is a good estimate, but everybody is different, so you might need to do a little experimenting. You really can't over-apply chamois cream, so when in doubt, add a little bit more. There should still be some cream on the surface even after your ride. After you use it a few times, you'll get a better sense of just how much you need.

Apply the cream to your bike short pads, too.

After you're done applying the cream to your body, apply a layer to the padding of your bike shorts, too. This will keep the padding from just absorbing all of the cream you applied to your body. Rub the cream into the padding, and make sure you coat the entire padded area evenly.

Wash your shorts promptly after laundering.

Since the chamois cream does get absorbed into the padding of the shorts, you need to be very careful to wash your shorts after each ride. Otherwise, the cream will build up in the padding over time and begin harboring bacteria and fungi, which may actually make your soreness worse rather than better.

Experiment with different chamois creams if one is not effective for you.

Different brands of chamois cream contain slightly different ingredients. If one does not offer you adequate protection, or if it causes some irritation, try a different brand or a different formula by the same brand. You might have to find a few before you find the perfect chamois cream for your needs, but once you find it, your rides will be far more comfortable.

Chamois cream is a part of the cycling routine that you don't want to skip. Follow the tips above, and your backside will thank you.