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Don't Let Your Hair Discolor This Summer: 3 Things You Can Do

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You've paid a lot for your beautiful hair color, and the last thing you want to happen is for your hair to fade or discolor throughout the summer. The sun can do a number on your hair, and it can fade chemically colored hair as well. Other things can affect your hair color as well, such as swimming in pools and lakes. Read on for tips to save your hair color this summer.

Cover Your Hair

Keep your hair protected from the sun by wearing a hat whenever you are out in the sun. Whether you're at the pool or just out for a walk, if you're going to be in the sun protect your hair with some sort of covering. A hat will work, but scarves can also help while also making a fashion statement. The sun can fade hair color and it can also dry out your locks. If your hair begins to feel like straw from being in the sun use a deep conditioner to supply extra moisture.

Use Color Safe Products

Use color safe products on your hair, so when using a deep conditioner make sure it says it is safe for color-treated hair. Your shampoo and all styling products should say safe for color-treated hair. Talk to your stylist about which products are best to use. Over-styling may also cause your color to fade, but using a heat protectant on your hair may help prevent fading.

Rinse After Swimming

After swimming in a pool or at a lake/ocean rinse your hair thoroughly to remove chlorine, salt and algae that may be in your hair. Your hair can discolor from these causing your hair to turn a tinge of green or fading your hair color. Rinsing your hair can prevent this from happening. If your hair happens to turn green talk to your stylist about what can be done to prevent stripping the color from your hair. If possible, try not to get your hair wet when swimming by wearing a swim cap or pulling your hair up into a top knot to keep it from getting wet.

Protect your hair as best as you can this summer to prevent it from discoloring or fading by following the tips above. Talk to your stylist about how you can protect your hair throughout summer as well as which products are best for your hair color and type. If you end up with a problem, get in to your stylist right away to have your color treated and corrected.

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