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The Benefits Of Using Balsam Fir Bar Soap

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Ah, the balsam fir. This beautiful species of evergreen tree dots landscapes in the Appalachian mountains, and it is known for its strong, appealing scent. This scent comes from the trees' natural oils, which are increasingly being used in various cosmetics and toiletries. One product you may come across is balsam fir bar soap. If you do see this product, it's a great idea to buy some of it. Here are the key benefits of using balsam fir bar soap.


The scent of balsam fir soap a pretty classic pine scent. Most people find this scent very relaxing. It may remind you of winter or of family holidays. As you wash with the soap, you can expect to feel tension leave both your body and mind. This is a great soap to use in the evening because the relaxing scent allows you to really unwind and clear your mind before heading off to bed. Make sure you use the soap in a really warm, steamy shower for maximum impact. The steam really encourages the scent to spread.

Increased Circulation

The essential oils in balsam fir are said to help improve circulation. This benefit may be even more pronounced if you really take the time to rub the soap into your skin; this massage-like motion helps increase blood flow to the area. By improving your circulation, balsam fir soap may help speed up healing. It may even ease symptoms of varicose veins, stop your legs from being so itchy, and help combat any inflammation you're experiencing in your extremities.


If you are ever feeling congested due to allergies, a sinus infection, or the common cold, you may want to reach for your balsam fir soap. The aromas released while you wash can help clear your airways, ease inflammation in your throat, and make your cough more productive.

Ease of Soreness

If you are sore from a workout, or even just from standing all day at work, balsam fir soap can help ease your muscle pain and soreness. It has a similar cooling quality to other topical rubs. Don't be afraid to let the soap sit on the sorest areas for a little longer before rinsing it away.

Balsam fir soap only costs a few dollars per bar, so it's a really affordable and versatile product to add to your cabinet. Use it daily or just once in a while when the mood strikes; you'll love the benefits.