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Dealing With Hair Loss: At-Home Tips For Preventative Treatment

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Noticing more hairs than usual at the end of your hairbrush can send you into a slight panic. After all, hair loss of any amount can have an effect on your self-esteem and how confident you feel. While genetics can certainly play a large role in hair loss, there are also preventative measures you can take on your own. Read ahead for some tips on how to help minimize your hair loss and keep your locks healthy!

Why Styling Matters

The way you style your hair can actually have an impact on hair loss. Parting your hair the same way for years or pulling your hair into constricting styles can both contribute to untimely hair loss. Switch up your style every now and then to avoid putting too much strain on your hair and benefit from a slightly new look in the process! Instead of your typical middle part, for instance, go for one slightly towards the side for a fuller effect. If you have a habit of pulling your hair into a tight, high ponytail, try a lower ponytail to relieve your roots of working too hard. For an elegant finish, try your hand at a French twist by lowering your hair tie and flipping your ponytail into the gap!

Laying Off the Heat

From blow dryers to curling irons, tools that utilize heat can have damaging effects on your hair that could possibly result in early hair loss. Especially for those with fine or delicate hair, heat can be even more damaging by drying out and singeing your locks. Give heat styling tools a break now and then for the best results for your hair. Letting your hair air dry, for example, is an excellent way you can give those tresses a break and also save time in the bathroom! If you do end up using heat styling tools for your hair, aim to use the lowest settings possible. Drying your hair on low or even the cool setting will be the most gentle option for your hair. Likewise, using a lower setting for heat setting tools such as curlers or straightening irons will do less damage in the long run. 

Healthy Changes

Take a look at your hair and consider what may need to change in your haircare routine. If your hair is too dry, for instance, try a moisturizing mask once a week and invest in a quality conditioner that will nourish your hair after shampooing. If your hair looks fried from too many perms, try embracing your natural locks a bit more. After all, the chemicals used in treatments such as perms can contribute to hair loss and may even damage your hair beyond repair if not done properly. For those who do not have terribly oily hair, washing every other day or even just a few times a week can prove to be of great benefit. Ultimately, the best way to prevent hair loss is to nourish your hair specific to its type and needs. 

To learn more about how to prevent hair loss, speak with a professional in your area.