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Things To Do During A Hair Consultation

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When you browse the website of your local beauty salon, you'll see that you can book appointments for all sorts of different hair-related services. One service that may be available and that you may not have experienced is a hair consultation. This is a short appointment that doesn't involve trimming or styling your hair. Rather, it's simply a conversation between you and your stylist. This can be a good type of appointment to book if you're switching to a new beauty salon, as it will ensure that you and the stylist have a good rapport and are on the same page. Here are three things to cover during a hair consultation appointment.

Discuss Your Goals

A hair consultation is an opportunity for you to discuss your hair-related goals. Whether you're thinking about getting your hair cut to a different length, styled in a new way, or colored, this appointment gives you a chance to share what you want with your stylist. A lot of people feel that a consultation appointment is a good chance to discuss their goals without feeling as though they have to make an immediate decision. For example, you can share these goals with your stylist, listen to their feedback, and then take a few days to think about things before you book your next hair appointment.

Share Pictures

You can also use your hair consultation appointment to share pictures with your stylist. While it's important to discuss your goals, sharing pictures can help you illustrate your points. Don't hesitate to attend this appointment with a number of pictures, whether you find them online and save them to your phone or you cut them out of magazines. You can talk about what you like and don't like in each of the photos, which will help your stylist clearly understand the look you're going for.

Ask For Feedback

It's a good idea to ask your stylist for their feedback on your ideas. As a professional, they can offer some thoughts on how well your ideas might work. For example, they might suggest that a slight adjustment to your original idea might be a better fit with the shape of your face. In some cases, your stylist may give you some ideas that you hadn't previously considered, which could have a major impact on your cut or styling appointment in the future. Contact a beauty salon to learn more.